BiggerPockets Podcast 561: Establishing Your “Beac…

BiggerPockets Podcast 561: Establishing Your “Beac…


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BiggerPockets Podcast 561: Establishing Your “Beac…

House hacking, renting by the room, co-living, boarding houses? These are all things that author, investor, real estate agent, and expert hacker of houses, Craig Curelop, is used to. Craig got his start in real estate investing by renting out rooms in his own home, having his roommates pay his mortgage for him, and eventually skating on to financial freedom.

Craig is joined by another familiar expert house hacker and real estate investor, David Greene, to answer questions around lending, leases, and the legality of raising private money. With so many new real estate rookies in the investing sphere, this episode is a great intro for anyone who’s looking to plan, start, or scale their next real estate investment.

Craig and David fire from the hip in this episode, answering questions live with topics ranging from scaling your business while keeping your free time, refinancing on a shared boarding house, raising private capital (equity vs. debt), what to expect when you house hack, and how to rent out your home in the snowy winter.

David Green:
This is the Bigger podcast show 561.

Where do you want to be in the next year? Where do you want to see each one of your businesses and conquer one thing at a time, right? I’ve heard of this. You heard of, it’s called the beachhead strategy and it is all about when we storm Normandy and France and world war II. The way we won that, right? Was conquered one beach head at a time.

David Green:
What’s going on everyone? This is David Green, your host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast. The show where we teach you how to achieve financial freedom through the love of our lives real estate. We do that by bringing on different guests who have achieved it for themselves, found different measures of success or made big mistakes so that you don’t have to follow in those footsteps. And on today’s show, we are actually interviewing live callers with practical questions about how to do just that. Here with me today is…