How Continuing Education Drives Success in Real Es…

How Continuing Education Drives Success in Real Es…


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How Continuing Education Drives Success in Real Es…

successful real estate agent on the job

One of the components of building a successful career is called modeling. Modeling is patterning your behavior after someone who perhaps you admire and has built a career you would like to emulate. This is particularly valuable in real estate, where newer agents can seek out the advice and wisdom of those with more experience.

Modeling, in essence, is learning what a person has done to become successful and taking similar steps. Are there traits that these successful agents share? What do they have in common? How do they approach life and their careers? What separates them from the crowd? Just what makes these individuals, apart from others, successful in real estate? When you put together all of the best traits and mindsets that make up the brokers and agents you admire the most, the path toward success becomes a little bit more clear.

Successful Agents Know What They Want

Since everybody defines success somewhat differently, “success” is what you deem it to be. For many, it is a financial standing or stability. For others, it is the satisfaction of helping people. Others may define success as the perfect balance between professional and personal achievement.

Initially, success may be closing on that first property. It eventually may reach a home or multiple properties per month. Success may be having your own brokerage or having others work for you. It may involve owning several investment properties. The point is that you need to take the time to decide how you will define success. Most successful agents know what the success level is for them and where they currently stand in relation to those goals. A combination of short-term and long-term goals can keep people motivated while still looking to the horizon.

Successful Agents are Always Learning

Those who achieve a certain level of success in real estate understand the importance of continual learning. It is not just learning from experience, it is also proactive and intentional research….