Natural Disasters in California: Risks and How to …

California is known for its varied, lush landscapes, rich history, and high quality of life. It has 16 climate zones, ranging from dry desert basins and coastal hills, to snowy peaks and ancient forests. There’s a climate for everyone in California, which has made it a very appealing place to live. 

Weather patterns generally range from mild and wet in coastal metros like San Francisco, to more dry and extreme in southern and mountainous cities like Palm Springs and Truckee. However, weather can often turn into natural disasters like flooding, heat waves, and wildfires. When these happen, it’s essential to be prepared. So what are the most common natural disasters in California, how are they changing, and what can you do to prepare? Whether you’re planning a move to San Diego or are looking at apartments in San Jose, read on for everything you need to know.

1. California wildfires

Wildfires are the major disaster in California and have catastrophic impacts. They are by far the most common and destructive type of disaster in the state, and most years, California leads the nation in wildfires and acres burned. Most recently, the August Complex and Dixie Fires burned nearly 2 million acres.These fires cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fight, and created dangerous air quality across the Western US. 

California is also unique in how frequently fires affect people’s homes. From 2000-2019, over 70% of people living within the perimeter of wildfires in the US lived in California. Additionally, according to data from First Street Foundation, 71% (8.15 million) of properties in the state are at risk of being affected by wildfires.

The state’s dry season from spring through late autumn, combined with parched forests throughout the state, sets the stage for devastating fires that can spread incredibly quickly. Prolonged drought, heat waves, and windy weather are the primary causes of wildfires, which are becoming increasingly common as climate…

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