NYC carriage house of photographer Carl Fischer as…

In a real estate twist fit for the silver screen, the legendary Upper East Side home and studio of the late celebrity photographer Carl Fischer is up for grabs for $13.5 million, The Post has learned.

Located at 121 E. 83rd St., this historic gem holds a treasure trove of memories from Fischer’s illustrious career, offering potential buyers a chance to own a true piece of New York history.

Fischer, who called this eclectic abode home for more than four decades, recently passed away at the age of 98.

The property exudes a bohemian charm that’s as unique as Fischer’s photographs.

Standing on a picturesque block adorned with other romantic carriage houses, this residence offers more than just four walls; it’s a living piece of the city’s artistic soul.

Fischer’s claim to fame includes capturing the legendary Muhammad Ali in his white shorts, a photograph that graced the cover of Esquire Magazine and is etched into the annals of photography history.

He was also known for photos of past United States politicians, such as Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy.

Carl Fischer
The home occupies roughly 8,000 square feet with room to expand.
Douglas Elliman

The iconic Muhammed Ali cover for Esquire.
The iconic Muhammad Ali cover for Esquire Magazine.
Carl Fischer

Fischer’s sons, Doug and Ken Fischer, recall their childhood spent in the company of greatness within these hallowed halls.

“I got to be there when Ali was there,” said Doug, now 67. “And that was sort of exciting. It was like meeting God.”

In a surprising twist, Doug adds that he stumbled upon Ali’s famed white shorts decades later, hidden away in a forgotten corner of his brother’s belongings, where they were repurposed for a rather casual game of basketball.

Beyond the star-studded encounters, Doug fondly remembers his father’s photo sessions with the legendary Walt “Clyde” Frazier, securing an autograph as a prized memento.

“The three kids had the third floor…

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