‘The Mandalorian’ Creator Jon Favreau Buys Fourth …

Two years ago, Jon Favreau spent nearly $25 million to buy a palatial house in Laguna Beach. But that doesn’t mean the the prolific Hollywood multi-hyphenate is abandoning his longtime main residence in Los Angeles, where he owns three side-by-side houses in the seaside town of Santa Monica.

On the contrary, Favreau is again expanding his Santa Monica footprint. Records show he acquired his three current properties from three different sellers in three separate transactions: the first in 2002, the second in 2005 and the third in 2021, for a total outlay of $6.9 million. Now he’s added a fourth residence into the mix, splashing out an additional $6.8 million to buy the property adjoining his current estate.

The $6.8 million residence was built in 2023 and never officially listed for sale.

While all three of his first homes are Spanish- or Mediterranean-style structures built decades ago, this fourth one is different. Bulky, boxy and ultra-contemporary, the two-story smart home was completed just this year, and built on speculation. Unfortunately, the house was never on the market, so photos and details are scant. But aerial photos reveal there’s a patio and grassy lawns out back, plus a swimming pool and a detached garage and cabana.

This latest acquisition gives Favreau a contiguous four-house compound that spans two-thirds of one flat acre, a lot of space for the tightly-packed town of Santa Monica.

The four-house estate, set on a leafy street in prime Santa Monica.

Favreau, 56, is perhaps best known today as an actor who’s starred in numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters (Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Iron Man franchise), but he also directed and produced the recent remakes of The Lion King and The Jungle Book, and is the…

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