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The summer has ended and you can tell by the cooler temperatures and the increase activity from Boston condo buyers searching for properties.

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Boston condo buyers and sellers welcome to the Fall real estate selling season. Along with the Spring months, the Fall is a particularly busy time for the local downtown Boston condo market. You’ll see a flood of post-Labor Day listings hitting the market with a fury, upstaging the properties that have been listed for 30 days or more. Boston condo buyers run out to look at all the new, shiny inventory and completely forget about the opportunities that may exist with the “stale” properties.

It’ll be no different this year. August saw many buyers, sellers, and real estate agents off on (overdue) vacations. The result? Fewer prospective buyers, and sellers holding off on listing properties until the Fall, and agents are perhaps not being as aggressive about scheduling showings or calling their clients’ attention to languishing listings.

The market experienced its typical summer slowdown, and the pace was even more lackluster due to higher interest rates.

Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone, I’m looking forward to what the Fall Boston condo for sale season brings.

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