Why Real Estate Agents in Boston Should Ditch Outd…

The beginning of fall marks a pivotal shift for outstanding Boston real estate agents who defy the conventional belief of a slow market. Instead, top producers working in the right platform, often turn the autumn months into their most lucrative period for commissions. As the leaves change and the air grows crisp, savvy real estate professionals embrace the opportunity to expand their playing field and generate even more revenue for themselves. Why do some agents crush it in the fall while others fail? Let’s examine how this happens and what the solutions.

The general trend of many real estate agents in Greater Boston during the fall is to take a long vacation and break free from the standard work routines. Some of this fear-based mindset is through listening to other average agents around them. Most agents work at traditional real estate offices which are unable or unwilling to help deliver ample listings or leads. Therefore a real estate agent’s view of the real estate world itself is skewed towards negativity based on the limited beliefs or vision around them.

Numerous real estate agents often ill-fatedly decide it is best to find something else to do in the fall. You often see a lot of real estate agents take seasonal work or acquire a part-time or full-time job. This is an erroneous view because it is myopic and does not explore the possibilities that exist at other non-traditional real estate brokerages. It might be time to broaden your horizons and see what unique and irresistible opportunities exist at other forward-looking real estate companies.

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What if there is no slow season? What if it is just a slow group-based mentality based on the truths of your existing office?

Perhaps a real estate agent working at a traditional real estate brokerage rationalizes that picking up a new hobby while it is slow at their office can suffice for now until a new season arrives. That taking a few months off and waiting for a busier period works with their overall…

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